Thank you!!

A big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated Owen Day 2020 with me! This was perhaps the most successful Owen Day to date, and it’s all because of you. Keep an eye on this space, as I will be updating the site with news of more fun parties and gatherings that I have planned. Stay tuned!

Friday, 14 February 2020

Owen Day is the only true holiday of February 14. The holiday that was previously celebrated shall not be acknowledged by name; it is known only as the False Holiday. For too long, we have been constrained by a social obligation, foisted upon us all by the marketing department of Hallmark, to guilt us into buying chocolates, and greeting cards, and expensive dates. This is not romance. The death of romance is obligation.

The meaning of Owen Day is different. Instead of either feeling sad for being alone, or guilty for having to conform to some capitalistic conception of what the False Holiday is supposed to embody, why not instead spend it with your best friend Owen? While the day is named after me, it truly embodies the spirit of fully realizing oneself: embrace your own meaning rather than having one imposed on you. Owen Day is a day for self-actualization.

Also it’s a day for hanging out, having fun, and drinking, as all the best holidays are. With that in mind, both of the following activities have been planned with YOU (yes YOU) in mind. Feel free to attend either, both, or even none, as your availability and inclination dictates!

Feb 14

What: Sonic the Hedgehog, The Movie
Where: A Movie Theater
When: Friday, 14 February, Evening

Because the universe is fair and kind and just, it has seen fit to bestow the greatest movie of the new decade, only six weeks in, and on the great Owen Day 2020. I am of course talking about Sonic the Hedgehog. Let’s go see it after work!

Feb 15

What: Drinks and games
Where: Miniboss Arcade Bar, San Jose
When: Saturday, 15 February, 7pm

Miniboss has the great double distinction of being the first bar I visited in California and also being only two blocks away from my house! They’ve got a great selection of arcade games and pinball, plus a solid cocktail list, and attached restaurant for food needs. Come on out and play some games!